Embodying I.D.E.A. Curriculum

This comprehensive program was designed to assist moving organizations towards cultural competence, and the embodiment of the principles of I.D.E.A.

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One of the largest hurdles in the work of inclusion, diversity, equity and anti-racism (I.D.E.A) is integrating the learning into daily practice. Often newly developed I.D.E.A. procedures, and practices tend to feel like appliqué, extra steps, or afterthoughts instead of evolved ways of being. The Embodying I.D.E.A. Curriculum was developed by diversity strategist Theresa Ruth Howard as a way to help organizations seamlessly and organically integrate the intellectual understanding of inclusion, diversity, equity and anti-racism into daily practice, thereby creating a transformational culture shift which promotes the infusion of I.D.E.A into the organizational identity in a systematic collaborative process. The curriculum is delivered in a series of interchangeable modules that can be tailored specifically to an organization’s needs. With prep work, homework (readings/viewings), and reflection worksheets that live in a digital portal housed on MoBBallet.org. Organizations can design how workshops are delivered (large, small, departmental group learnings.)

Packages can include 1:1 coaching (leadership, management,artistic and administrative) as well as external DEI advocacy for employees when needed. It is suggested that Modules be presented monthly with debriefs and support coaching in between being regularly scheduled to aid in normalizing the work.


*Modules can be designed to address an organization’s specific needs.
Prices vary according to need.


Module 1: Intro to Embodying I.D.E.A: The 12 Steps to Ballet’s Cultural Recovery

Module 2: Roots of the work: Defining: Language, Culture, & Identity

Module 3: Idea/ Race, Institutional Racism, Privilege, Implicit Bias, Microaggressions

Module 4: Systemic Racism and Implicit Bias  in Aesthetics and Appropriation in Ballet

Module 5: Cultural Competence In International Companies/Schools

Module 6: Deconstructing The Natural Ecosystem Of The Professional Ballet Studio


Your organization’s password protected portal, housed in MoBBallet’s Digital Learning Hub and will contain modules.