Theresa Ruth Howard  is a leadership coach, diversity strategist and consultant.

“Ms. Howard has been ‘a force of change’ for years. She’s done her research, she knows her methods, and she is relentless in not letting people off the hook. And that’s what’s needed. Now that people are ready, she is flying, and they can join her.”

Virginia Johnson
Dance Theater’s Artistic Director

“The moment she enters a stage, you can see and feel that she understands ballet,She has this embodied knowledge. She loves ballet, and that gives her a clear authority within the field of ballet directors.”

Peggy Olislaegers
Artistic Consultant for Dutch National Ballet

“Theresa is a tremendous partner to Pacific Northwest Ballet and our PNB School. We are more advanced toward our racial equity and inclusion goals because of her insights, strategic counsel, unique understanding of ballet culture and important connections in our field. We trust her implicitly and feel lucky to work with her, and know she has helped make PNB a stronger and more relevant organization.”

Peter Boal
Artistic Director for Pacific Northwest Ballet
Ellen Walker
Executive Director for Pacific Northwest Ballet